GEOFFREY LUFF STOCKER  born 2.7.1923 – died 23.1.2005, son of George Newton Stocker and Gertrude Elsie Wright, husband or partner to: Irene Elsie Turner February 2nd 1947, 1 child Christine; Laurette Ross, children Sheila & Paul Ross; Pamela Elizabeth Ashcroft February 1984, children Pauline and Gary Stocker.




Psychotherapist, researcher, educator, polymath.  He also  pursued a life  in the Free Protestant Episcopal church as a Deacon, then as Presbyter at the Free Protestant Church in  Tottenham, North London before gaining a research fellowship in 1963 and a doctorate in 1964.


His undiminishing interest in the field of personal development and psychology led him to found the Hampstead School of Speech & Drama in 1957 and The School of Psychological Salesmanship in 1961, subsequently founding The Sleep Learning Association, for which he authored the Geoffrey Stocker Tapes  and the monthly journal, also becoming President of the Research Centre for the Development of Hypnotherapy Learning.  He was guest editor for’ Learning During Natural Sleep’ by James P Duffy, English translation 1965) and was a regular contributor to contemporary hypnotherapy and hypnopaedia publications.


His early background had been as a consultant  chemist, a ventriloquist and member of the Magic Circle and, being an accomplished pianist,as an associate member of the London College of Music.