The Endangered Species

The Endangered Species? 

How Evolution and New Age Spiritual Families Can Save Humankind  

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Successful New Age living requires a seismic shift, a revolutionary approach to provide a mobile enough environment for families to grow and develop to become their best selves. None of us can become our best selves, or be an ambassador for our community or for the wider good, if the structure of our environment is rigid and in favour of an elite group of the population. Shaping a new and nurturing world is not a small undertaking. Our power structure, its economics and politics, its education, boundaries, its criminal legislation and the trajectory of its scientific and technical growth will either enable or constrict its potential. 

As it is, with the clashing opposites of the pre-MidPoint world, social conflict is so easy to identify but less able to be resolved. Political and technological extremism creates tangled webs of misinformation and confusion which the perpetrators intend to project into the deepest midst of us all to achieve social breakdown, sometimes, powerful groups clashing one against the other to the detriment of social cohesion and balance. Many will live their lives posturing and scheming to inflict their terrible aims on us all and may end their lives within the violence and aggression it creates.

Our society needs to make urgent adjustments, even radical changes, to achieve even a relatively stable society, and because many changes are required in almost every department of our lives, it would be quite impossible for one book to provide sufficient comment. This, however, is my purpose and I am pleased to be a small part of a greater awareness as other more learned and brilliant minds expand on the areas of knowledge which have to be garnered and synthesise them to achieve a greater whole: a philosophy for shared living, for developing our humanity in a way that benefits both the planet and its peoples.

I consider myself a philosopher as well as a psychotherapist, concerned not only with the psychological problems of life but also with standards, values, principles and patterns of living.

Knowledge is essential in the first place so that imagination can take its rightful place in a new synthesis. There is, of course, not one single problem to be resolved but a multiple of them, of great complexity, which are challenging our civilisation and our social boundaries, which are exercising some of our greatest minds, across a range of disciplines at this very time. I believe the main reason for this rise in conflict is a lack of insight into the “unity of opposites”.

I hope to show how the chaotic disorders which have caused crises in our civilisation are due to natural Evolutionary developments: unavoidable, as social standards, values and principles change. Mankind has a confused understanding about its place. We have knowledge of spiritual, metaphysical, psychological matters but have not yet found a way to transform these into a beneficial philosophy for life. A single mind cannot comprehend everything there is to know. All knowledge, whether creative, practical or academic, must now be integrated into the same great philosophy for living to enable man to achieve greater heights. Our great thinkers have, between them sufficient knowledge for this stage of man’s development on planet Earth. That is our ultimate objective.

We have a tendency to want more and more information before committing ourselves when, in reality, we are sufficiently informed, to begin. Some may seek more knowledge, some seek more success, more money or more self-glory. When will we come together to put the pieces together, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, not separately but jointly creatively to acknowledge the continuing development of our whole civilisation, each discipline conveying knowledge, imagination, wisdom within its own specialism to illustrate the evolutionary benefits of achieving order, harmony, equilibrium?

Unity and orderliness of nature is not merely a New Age belief, or a new philosophy, even a new concept. We need not be a theologian, philosopher, psychologist or scientist to be affected by what we are observing or to devise solutions to our failings. Whilst the gaps in our scientific knowledge may be large and our ignorance very great, at this Mid-Point I believe they are shortening and inspiring of greater exploration; that we have sufficient knowledge (to begin to address the issues) and that to delay further would leave essential questions unresolved, and this chaos unbridled. 

Man has natural desire to know what life is about although I am certain there is greater intent in the evolutional processes of nature than we have realised. Divisiveness in man’s responses to his quest for truth has gradually drawn him away from established religions and philosophical beliefs to an independent pragmatism, a reluctance to accept anything as true, unless it can be proved. More, even a belief that humankind itself is in control.